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Greg and his Mobile Service Truck

Greg in his early years was raised on a mixed farm with many brothers and sisters and you could definitely say it was the initial steps in him learning heavy duty mechanics.   At the young age of 16, he began his apprenticeship in Automotive Mechanics at his father’s shop in Rimbey, Alberta.

After high school, Greg attended trade school in Calgary at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. In his 3rd year as an Auto Apprentice, his love for working on industrial equipment had him switch over to Heavy Duty Mechanics.

Upon graduation in 1982, he started working at the Caterpillar dealer in Grande Prarie, formerly named  “R Angus”, where he attained his Journeyman H.D. Mechanic License. Figuring he should always finish a job he’s started, he then immediately wrote the Automotive Exam and passed.  He now has both his H.D. and Automotive Journeyman Licenses.

In 1985, he then started working for Standard General Construction in Calgary as a field Mechanic. Worked on a lot of Heavy Equipment; packers, pavers, gravel trucks, backhoes, etc.

After 4 years there, Greg then had the opportunity to work coal mining in Hinton Alberta at the Gregg River Mine for Manalta Coal. He worked there as H.D. Mechanic on some very large equipment; D10 Cat, P&H Shovels, Drills, and rock trucks. This work was very hard but the people there made the job a very enjoyable experience for him.

The mine shut down in 2001 and Greg found himself in Fort McMurray for 2 years building the Albian Sands Oil Sands Plant.

Canadian Forces Maritime Command Crest

Greg Served in the Canadian Volunteer Naval Reserve

In 2003, Greg joined the Canadian Volunteer Naval Reserve for 3.5.years as a Marine Engineering Systems Operator working at HMCS Tucumseh.  His experience in the Navy was invaluable in that it taught him a good work ethic, about keeping attention to detail and learning how to to make sure the job is done right the first time.

He also worked at the Suffield Army Base for a year for the British Ministry of Defense. Very different types of equipment to work on there. Tanks, amoured personnel carriers, fighting vehicles.

In 2007 he moved to Red Deer, AB and worked for RSC Equipment Rentals; manlifts, materials handling, construction equipment etc.

In 2012, Greg started his Mobile Mechanical business and brings all his years of experience to his customers and his work. He’s found that through all his year of experience, Preventative Maintenance is the key to long equipment life.